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Wild Bird

Blue Seal  

-Black Oil Sunflower

-Sunflower Hearts

-Striped Sunflower

-Song Maker

-Natures Choice


-Neat Feast




-White Millet

-Thistle (Nyjer)

-Peanut Hearts


-In Shell 25 lb. Box
-Out of Shell 25 lb. Bag









-Fruit & Nut

-Fine Tunes


-12 pack Mixed Cases

-Berry, Seed, Nutty, Orange

-Hot Pepper

-Pure Suet


Many more varieties in stock!

-Cages & Hangers



Bird Feeders

-Finch Seed Feeders

-Sunflower Seed Feeders

-Mixed Seed Feeders

-Hanging & Pole Mount

-Peanut/ Nugget Feeders

We offer a variety of size bags of wild bird seed - from 5 pounds up to 40 pounds!

kent blue seal.png
Green Hummingbird
Bird House


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