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We are dedicated to providing quality and personable service to aid you in caring for your feathered friends. All of our feed is non-GMO certified!  Additionally, we carry a range of organic products and all the supplies needed to keep your hens laying!

kent blue seal.png
Blue Seal 
-Medicated Chick Starter Crumbles
  • 25 lbs. & 50 lbs.
-Layer Meal (mash)
  • 25 lbs. & 50 lbs.
-Layer Crumbles
  • 25lbs. & 50 lbs.
-Layer Pellets
  • 25 & 50 lbs.
-All Flock Pellets 18% protein
-Meatbird Crumbles 22% protein
Nutrena Non-GMO - Organic
-Layer Pellet 35 lb.
-Layer Crumble 35 lb.
-Starter/Grower Crumble 35 lb.
-Scratch 35 lb. 




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